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KIPLING - Aventura Mall

At the newly opened Aventura Mall in Florida, Displayit has recently completed installation of the new Kipling retail store.

The store turned out beautiful as a whole and the entire Kipling Team was very impressed with our quality in craftsmanship and customer service throughout the sales process.

Kipling has been a work in progress since the first Dolphin Mall store in Miami that opened in December of 2018. We are very proud with the results of Aventura Mall and to see how much DisplayIt as a team has risen to deliver on the client's expectations.

Over the course of our time working with Kipling we have developed a fixture program with their team that can be reconfigured and outfitted for all of their

retail environments.


The cashwrap (pictured at right) has a unique embossed logo wrapping the corner in a cement-like plaster. Unique design details like this were critical to the collection.

The simple aesthetic of these fixtures may lead you to believe that this was a very simple execution. But on the contrary, these light-weight structures require a meticulous eye and expert hand in construction. Prototypes were built and tested in multiple rounds to ensure they were structurally sound and met client's needs.

The outrigger structures that fasten directly to the wall were a particular challenge, but ultimately were a defining design element of the store. These structures lining the walls are modular, allowing retail workers to reconfigure the shelves and hang bars to accommodate merchandise as desired. At the base of these structures we have slatted benches that contain storage, these can act as seating when cushioned or are used as an additional merchandising surface. Another unique fixture was the custom embroidery station designed for the store. The decorative neon sign added character to wall, and drew customers towards the embroidery station to explore this unique experience offering.

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