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Ketchum Health’s project required a unique design approach to address both the medical and retail needs of this space. We designed custom desks to optimize functionality and flow on the floor. Eyewear is easily shopable with bright backlighting to clearly show off each shape. Breaks between sections are prime feature space to show off specialty products. The inclusion of mirrors was important in the design process to ensure the client was able to try on eyewear effortlessly.


Over the past 10 years,  the relationship with Aspen Healthcare has grown and flourished.  Aspen HC has multiple Skilled Nursing Medical facilities that provide rehabilitation and acute care for 1,000’s of patience 24 hours a day.  It is always challenging working onsite while customers are present.  Imagine working onsite when Medical Patience are present (24 hours a day) – this is no easy feat.  Together, Aspen and Displayit have found ways to accomplish what others might seem impossible!  Together our companies have been able to create multiple high impact environments.  Displayit has worked hard and been fortunate to have Aspen as a client.  Aspen has significantly enjoyed the reliance on Displayit to be a single point of  contact; taking ownership of design, engineering, manufacturing and installation.    


As a company with values focused on the wellbeing of the employee, Crossover’s office was a unique challenge. A modern aesthetic was important to this brand to align with their health-activist clients, but not more important than functionality and quality. Our unique knowledge of materials and fabrication processes gave this company what they needed, what they wanted, and what fit in their budget. Our design team embraced the polished concrete floors and incorporated them into the design. A warm concrete reception desk bridges a connection between the cool tone floor and warm tone wood accent wall and ceiling feature. Everything is tied together with custom metal accents cut and shaped on site at our headquarters.