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We work closely with each client to create their desired brand image. Our experienced team of engineers, designers and carpenters work with you to develop the unique designs essential for today’s market. Through our experienced dedicated team and state-of-the-art facilities, you get quality products and exceptional service!

Meet the founders

Mike Zimmerman

Founder & CEO

Rob Ripley

Founder & President

Click below to meet the rest of

the Displayit family!


To be a creator and manufacturer of structural environments conducive to our customer’s brands, using a highly focused team, determined to exceed customer expectations, continuously cultivating creativity and quality, to ensure exceptional customer and company growth.

Displayit Inc. Office Building
DI Design Department
DI Metal Shop
DI Conference Room
DI Carpentry Shop


Your experience is our focus. with 20 years of experience Displayit Inc. understands how to bring value to the relationship. 

A little History

Displayit Inc.  Born in a garage in 1998 by the ingenuity of 3 young, but extremely focused entrepreneurs – Dane Buck, Rob Ripley and Mike Zimmerman.  What began as a side job by building tradeshow booths at nights and weekends – while all 3 worked demanding day jobs; Buck as a General Contractor, Ripley and Zimmerman in production and operations, respectively at a Snowboard Manufacturing Company – began to grow into a booming enterprise, based on 1 simple idea: “Image is Everything”

Through hard work, long hours (sometimes 80 – 100 hours per week), lots of hustle and building a reputation for eye popping, attention grabbing designs, this highly charged, creative trio has grown Displayit Inc. from a single client in their garage to multinational clients worldwide.

“If you can dream it, we can build it.” – Rob Ripley, Displayit Inc.

We build custom environments from design to engineering to manufacturing to installation.  We take the look and feel of the Company’s brand and build booths, kiosks, in-store fixtures and interiors around that image.

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