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Displayit Inc. has aligned itself with The North Face, the provider of the best gear for athletes and the modern-day explorer.

We have partnered with North Face to update their retail stores and image that reflects the outdoor and sustainable brand. The first location was in Manhattan, an 8,000-sq.-ft. space that will serve as the model for updating the majority of The North Face’s existing locations by the end of 2024.

“Our goal is to create a superior customer experience and to offer North Face high quality work, sound communications and accountability” says Mike Zimmerman (CEO of Displayit Inc.). “It is an honor to work with North Face and we will strive to help their customers and the community to connect with their world class brand.”

“Our stores will continue to offer a convenient and seamless shopping experience, but it is no longer the sole mission of the store,” said Mark Parker, VP of direct to consumer, The North Face, a division of VF Outdoor. “We’re now focused on creating an environment that highlights our heritage and allows consumers to deeply connect with the brand as they prepare for their own exploration, wherever it may be.”


“Together, with North Face as our partner, all of their new stores moving forward will feature products and materials that are environmentally friendly, sustainable and will be designed for longevity and to avoid unnecessary waste,” states Mike Zimmerman

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