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Collaboration is truly the key. When WeWork approached Displayit we were excited to hit the ground running. These projects are huge and complex, so we tapped into our extensive knowledge of material and fabrication techniques to help the WeWork team bring their dreams to reality. Their team of designers worked closely with Displayit's team to work through the challenges and construct these fun and eclectic designs. 

monster hq

The monster headquarters in Corona, Ca is an amazing space that Displayit had the opportunity to build. The heavy use of metal and wood was right up our alley! We were happy to develop out these unique designs and space-defining pieces.


The Dan Fouts Building is a 4 story, multi-use, open concept millwork project built by Displayit. Our scope was a combination of office space and food service fixture fabrication.  The space is used by Nike design and marketing teams needing a creative, functional, and open workplace environment.  The project was an original building on the Nike Campus and our remodel goal was to create a unique, and modern look.