5 phases of operations


The Displayit Client services representatives are tried and tested professionals.  Each of our representatives are educated to act as a consultant to you, the client.


You'll have an expert sitting with you side by side, supporting and understanding your business requirements. Together through experience and professionalism, we ask the right questions to provide value to help grow your business!


Phase 1 - Create & Develop the Design



DisplayIt Inc’s award-winning design is a fundamental part of setting ourselves above the rest. Our team comes from a diverse background; architecture, industrial and interior design, as well as graphic design and color theory.


All of our designs are modeled in real space and scale, so what you see is what we build.

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Through Ideation & creativity exercises expert designers find inspiration for every project. We are never short of ideas!


A combination of floor plans, technical drawings, and photo-realistic renderings allow you to get a full and complete picture of the design intent.


Once we have a vision, then we get into the details. The designers specify materials and dimensions to suit your project's needs.


Throughout the design process, you the client are involved. With review steps and screen-sharing, we are able to collaborate until we reach an approved design. 


Phase 2 - Evaluate & Finalize the Construction



Our team of engineers works to ensure your products are structurally sound and a simplified installation process is achieved. Our Engineering & Design teams work closely and utilize the same 3D modeling software for maximum speed and accuracy. This also keeps the creative intent of each project true to client expectations.


The engineers evaluate the design in consideration of structural integrity and material yields. 


Using the same 3-D modeling software as the design team, the engineers then generate shop drawings for construction.


After the shop drawings are completed, parts are then programmed to be cut on the CNC and laser machines.


Phase 3 - Execute the Build



At DisplayIt Inc. we believe in doing everything in-house, that’s why over the years we have invested in our people, our equipment and our facility. We do not believe in sending parts out, or rely on outside vendors.  We make a promise to deliver a high-quality product in a short amount of time knowing we are only counting on ourselves.

In-House offerings under one roof:

  • Carpentry

  • Acrylics

  • Metal Fabrication

  • Laminate

  • Solid Surfaces

  • Paint

  • Powder coating 

  • Protective Coating

  • Printing

  • Electrical and Lighting


Parts are cut on one of our CNC or Lasercutting machines. The precision of these machines allows for accuracy within 10,000ths tolerance. 


Our facility is fully equipped with skilled workers and a wide-range of machinery to construct product to a high quality standard. 


The finishing department ensures all our products are professional completed with beautiful paints, stains, powdercoats, polish and protective coatings. 

If you have some extra time and would like to save a little money then our overseas factories are a great avenue for you. 


We have spent the past two decades working to duplicate our domestic capabilities with our overseas partners. Our overseas quality and service is the best in the industry.

Phase 4 - Sort out the Logistics


warehouse & distribution

Our global logistics center offers the expertise to launch your brands' product to market the right way, on time and ready to merchandise.

With our customized software, together we have the power and knowledge to effectively manage inventory, distribute, allocate and deliver your product with ease.


Our warehouse uses 3PL inventory management software, allowing customers to easily access live visibility for their stocked products online.


Our team packs products professionally, ensuring the safe keeping of all fragile components. The facility is equipped with 24hr surveillance and security.


Distribution staff manages the safe and timely delivery of all products. If something were to happen, everything transported is insured with a full warranty by Displayit.  


Phase 5 - Complete the Installation


Displayit is a licensed General Contractor which allows us to manage your project through completion. We operate on the single point of accountability, seamlessly transitioning your product from manufacturing to installation. Using our trained staff gives you peace of mind that your project will be done accurately and properly.


With our nationwide network of installation partners we can coordinate an install anywhere! 


Through our onsite verification program and licensed general contracting services we are prepared to install any project.


Our installation team practices forward communication and quick execution for an overall painless experience!