The Oakley Booth at SIA coincided with the release of their new goggle technology, as well as the request to make a BIG impression at the show. Displayit came through with a clean, modern aesthetic featuring smooth curves and strong contrast ala Oakley. Strong tech education opportunities gave purpose to the booth, and allowed it to shine so strongly it won Best Booth in Show! 

zeal optics

Zeal Optics is an eyewear brand that constantly implements the newest technology in their products. We designed their booth to make a statement as well as transition seamlessly between seasons for many tradeshows they planned to attend. We show two booths here: one that is very organic using horizontal slatted wood panels, and the other is a more modern look with plenty of white laminate fields, bold shapes and large logos. 


Sprint has been a loyal Displayit client in the past years, utilizing our tradeshow expertise to design and build a series of exhibit booths for the "Best Buy Achievers" corporate events. These conventions bring top sellers together to compete in fun games and learn about new company developments. One theme example was "Sprint to the Future", a play on the iconic 80s movie "Back to the Future". The booth centered around the clock tower with Marty Mc-fly racing games, flux capacitor target practice and even a photo-op with a DeLorean! 

360 fly

360 FLY came to us with a challenge: a tight timeline leading up to the major CES (consumer electronics show) tradeshow in Las Vegas. Displayit worked around the clock to get his mammoth of a project designed, engineered, manufactured and shipped in time. 360 FLY's signature fly icon was the main feature of the booth design- it towered over the booth and attracted guests from across the show floor. Come showtime, the booth was hit and 360 FLY was impressed with Displayit's ability to pull this project off!