Displayit has had the privilege to help develop a number of fixture collections for Vans which have been installed in retail locations across the country. 

The iconic look of raw plywood and black powder-coated metal framing has defined Vans' aesthetic and graced the shop floors of Displayit's facilities for years. 


Displayit developed a signature look for Skullcandy's Best Buy fixture collection. The strongest element of the design was the unique use of acoustic foam and beetle-kill wood planks. 

These displays sit on standard shelving fixtures typical of big-box retailers. Customers can approach the display to learn about the products and try on the headphones to listen to sample music. These displays were key to creating a memorable experience for consumers, engaging them with the product in a meaningful way. Skullycandy did a large production roll-out with Displayit, these displays were featured in hundreds of Best Buy stores across the United States.


Sprint approached Displayit’s Design team with a challenge to create an interactive, show-stopping branding piece to advertise their new campaign. Using a tech-forward mix of lit-edge acrylics, LED lighting and integrated technology, our design team created a signature piece. In Best Buys throughout the country you will find the "Sprint Pod", an interactive station where customers can learn about Sprint's products and services. Additionally, you might find the sprint endcap, another fun interactive branding experience. his campaign was widely successful and Displayit is proud to have been a part of it! 


Displayit has worked on a number of large volume projects for Zeal that were built using our overseas capabilities. Zeal is a lifestyle brand that focuses on the modern outdoorsman, and they wanted a fixture line that reflected this style. A unique shelf-pin system kept the look of the fixture minimal and clean. Utilizing raw hot rolled steel and natural cedar wood planks we were able to capture their rustic but clean aesthetic in a collection of sunglasses towers and countertop displays.


Honma is a Japanese premium golf club brand that has been expanding its presence in the U.S. market. Much of Honma's product is custom and high end, so they asked Displayit to develop a line of retail fixtures, shop in shops, and their company store to reflect their quality and style. Honma appreciated Displayit’s millwork quality and attention to detail on design, engineering, buildwork, shipping, and install for many of the wonderful projects that we built for them.