The creative PROCESS

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Through creativity exercises, lectures and field trips our designers stay fresh and inspired.


Our team uses a range of tools to visualize their concepts in 3-D photo-realistic renderings. 


Once a concept is approved the design is then finalized in detailed drawings.


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get inspired

Our design team uses a series of tools to stay inspired and keep a pulse on current market trends.



The brain, like any part of the body, needs to be exercised to stay in shape. To keep our design team's creativity flowing we do a fun, weekly creativity exercises. Through a variety of mediums, these small challenges test the designers on composition, color theory, visual communication, divergent thinking and more! 



Once a month lead designers on our team conduct a presentation on a topic of their choice to educate the group. These lectures touch on style trends, market developments, lighting techniques and more. The purpose is to share knowledge and expertise, keeping our team informed on what's new and exciting in our industry!



A few times a year the design team takes a field trip to explore and absorb new design experiences. This includes major events like the "Dwell on Design" convention and "LA Design Festival", to small local retail openings and developments. 



Using real-life material samples, reference imagery and digital renderings the designers bring their ideas to life.



Using a mood board technique, designers assemble swatches of materials, finishes, and inspirational images to define the project's aesthetic. They then work with the client to explore different directions and ideas based on their unique project needs. Once a final concept is chosen, the designer develops the design using a series of technical tools. 



Using advanced 3-D modeling software the designers are able to construct their concepts in a true 1 : 1 scale. This means every component is in proportion to each other, and the final visual will convey a realistic design. The models are then rendered with colors, textures and lighting, so the final presentation is an accurate portrayal of the design intent.



Once an inital design concept is approved it is taken into further detail to prepare for engineering. 



Using the same 3-D modeling programs the designers are able to create technical drawings that convey the details of the design. In this phase of the process, we are looking to finalize dimensions, material finishes, and unique specifications; i.e. lighting fixtures, hardware, decorative elements etc. This final drawing pack will then be reviewed by the client before receiving final approval.